Real Estate Tips For Selling Your House In 2018

Realtors and real estate agents live and breathe real estate. With all of that home selling and buying experience, they pick up a thing or two. Call them tricks of the trade or tips from the real estate agent “secret menu”, if you will.

After speaking with a handful of seasoned Realtors and real estate agents, we’ve come up with some real estate “insider” tips for selling your home this year. And we’re sharing their secrets with you!

Real Estate Tips For Selling A Home

Make It Great, But Don’t Exaggerate

When you write your home’s real estate listing, it’s good advice to sell a lifestyle and perhaps romanticize some of its stronger features. However, don’t get carried away and start overpromising and exaggerating.

If your backyard has a view of your neighbor’s tree, don’t sell it as a “greenbelt view.” Overpromising can easily lead to under delivering, it’s a fine line and you need to watch it carefully. Use descriptive words like “roomy”, “gorgeous”, and “cozy”, but only if what you’re describing fits the bill. Nothing turns a buyer off quicker than a home that doesn’t pay off as it’s advertised.

Focus On Millennials

A few years ago, Millennials were staying out of the housing market. Debt, being around to witness the Great Recession and not wanting to be tied down to a mortgage (or being able to afford one, for that matter) all contributed to their blasé attitude towards homeownership.

That’s all changed, as Millennials have grown up and the economy has strengthened considerably. According to, Millennials will make up 43% of home buyers in 2018, making them the largest home purchasing demographic by far. Might as well market your home to them!

What kinds of homes and features are Millennials looking for? A smaller, starter type of home is their most important need. They also like neighborhoods with plenty of walkability and homes with green features such as solar panels.

Drone On

This one might seem a bit out there, but ever since a court ruling allowed drones to be utilized by real estate agents in marketing homes, it’s one of the hottest new trends in real estate.

Now, you probably wouldn’t use a drone on a small, cookie-cutter, tract home in the ‘burbs. However, if your property and lot is large, or unique in any way, has an impressive backyard or landscaping, or is surrounded by natural beauty, some overhead, aerial drone footage might be the way to go. To say it’s impressive is quite the understatement.

Imagine you’re a buyer, and you click on to see some pictures of a home for sale and… suddenly you’re viewing this beautiful home and all its surrounding features from an impossible, bird’s eye vantage point. Talk about a “wow” factor!

Old School Green Home

Want your home to sell? Get your lawn in tip-top shape. And we’re not just talking about your basic mow and trim every couple of weeks. You need to fertilize, seed, weed and water until you sport a lush, green lawn that’s the envy of every neighbor.

Some agents keep landscapers on their speed dial and have them cut the lawn before every open house and showing. You can also invest in lawn care experts, who can make your current lawn look better and bring back dead lawns, too.

Avoid Black Holes

Real estate “black holes” are dead spots on the calendar for showings and open houses, and they usually fall on holiday weekends. These are bad times to list your home for sale, because so many people are involved with activities or getting out of town for the weekend.
Although May is a great sales month for homes, you don’t want to list your property on Memorial Day weekend. Same goes for the 4th of July. Also be sure that you’re aware of any local events or traditions that may take place in your town or community, such as an annual state fair or “Strawberry Fest” or anything that will draw great numbers of people away from viewing your home.

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