Featured Neighborhood: LODO-Lower Downtown Denver

Every other Friday, we’ll put the spotlight on a featured neighborhood to provide home sellers and home buyers information about that particular neighborhood. This week we are presenting local information about Lodo in Downtown Denver. 

Lower Downtown Denver, commonly known as LODO, is an extremely diverse and unique area to live in because it is primarily located in the city of Denver, Colorado. This area is one of Denver’s oldest neighborhoods and has restored and rejuvenated the historical areas. Here, you will find a vibrant neighborhood located in a beautiful and clean city that offers countless activities, opportunities, and resources.

Living in LODO provides you with an extremely diverse and lively atmosphere because of the close community and fast-paced city life. This area is well known for its restaurants, art galleries, breweries, museums, shops, boutiques, and entertainment. Being located in Downtown Denver gives you the option to drive to the mountains for a skiing getaway, catch a Rockies baseball game, or simply enjoy a cup of coffee in Union Station. Living in LODO provides you with these several opportunities many of which are walkable including jobs, schools, and other necessities within Downtown.

Living in LODO typically appeals more towards the young, single, and families with children because of the low crime rates and the several local elementary, middle, and high schools that are highly ranked. Buying a house in LODO ultimately provides you with endless possibilities. The average home value in LODO is an estimated $500,000 with a population of about 9,000. The real estate in LODO has so much to offer whether you are looking for a mountain view property, a modern home, a custom architectural home, a condominium, or an apartment.

LODO’s  population

The Top Neighborhoods to Buy a House in LODO, Denver, Colorado:

  • Downtown LODO
  • Suburbs of LODO
  • Zip Code: 80202

Reasons You’ll Love Living in LODO, Denver, Colorado:

  1. In the lower area of Downtown Denver
  2. Historically known and rejuvenated
  3. Close access to several highways and main roads
  4. Highly ranked elementary, middle, and high schools (both public and private schools)

Top Attractions near LODO, Denver, Colorado:

  1. Central Downtown Denver (walking distance)
  2. LODO: popular and highly ranked restaurants and hotels
  3. Union Station: easy traveling access to other parts of Colorado (walking distance)
  4. Coors Field: Rockies Baseball Games (walking distance)

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